Automec: 50+ Years

Automec strives to find the right fit solution for North American manufacturers, and we do not believe in up-selling. Our 50+ year history, 15,000+ systems and extensive retrofit knowledge makes us the experts you can trust in manufacturing. We are passionate about increasing the productivity of existing press brakes and shears with our American-made solutions. If unfeasible, we offer high quality replacement machines that meet Automec’s stamp of approval.


Automec has been in business for over 50 years selling press brake and shear solutions to increase operator productivity. Automec’s primary products are CNC controls and gauging systems for existing press brakes and shears. Our company has over 15,000 systems throughout the world and we are well known for our customer support and quality American-made products.

With 50 year’s experience retrofitting press brakes and shears, who can you trust more when it comes to purchasing a new brake or shear? Are you looking for a pre-owned machine? Call us. We can help point you in the right direction. We know which pre-owned machines might come with unforeseen liabilities, and which of those may not. Our primary goal is establishing long-term business relationships and we do so by offering honest advice you can trust.