Soitaab USA - Celebrating 80 Years of Service!

Since their founding in 1938, Soitaab has become a recognized leader in the international cutting machine market with more than 8,000 machine installations worldwide. From manufacturing the first CNC controlled flame cutting machine in 1978 to building the world’s largest band saw in 2003, Soitaab has always maintained a leading position in cutting technology, all supported by world class service and training.


With today’s demanding markets, Soitaab continues to push development in plasma, oxyfuel, fiber laser, and water jet cutting. This is coupled with many other secondary applications for drilling, tapping, 3D shape cutting on domes and pipes, automated material handling, as well as multiple processes on a single gantry. These and many other unique solutions meet the most ambitious and complex customer requirements in shipyards, transportation, steel fabrication, earth moving, agriculture, pressure vessels, rail and many other markets.